Asia’s Foremost CONFERENCE and EXPO on Corporate Social Responsibility

Asia’s Foremost CONFERENCE and EXPO on Corporate Social Responsibility

October 18 & 19, 2011 | Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, Philippines

Entry Form

Asia’s Premier Awards Program on
Corporate Social Responsibility

Asian CSR Awards 2011
Official Entry Form

To ensure your participation in the Asian CSR Awards, please accomplish this form. Deadline of entries is August 12, 2011.

Contact Details
(Please note that all information is mandatory, most especially your e-mail address.)

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Project Summary Form

Note: Total words for all the sections below must not exceed 1000. Please see the word counter at the bottom of this form to check the number of words you have entered.

(1) Category: Indicate the category in which you are entering this project. The awards categories are: Health Enhancement, Environmental Excellence, Poverty Alleviation, Education Improvement

(2) Project Title: Provide a (descriptive) name by which you refer to this project.

Project Title

Eligibility Criteria: Eligible projects are those that: (i) went into service or start operations between January 2010 and June 2011 or (ii) benefited from material enhancements that were implemented between January 2010 and June 2011.

(1.1) When did the Project start operations?

Project Start Operation

(1.2) For Projects that did not start operations between January 2010 and June 2011,

Project Start Operation

(1.3) Was this Project previously submitted as an entry to the Asian CSR Awards?

Others, please specify:
If yes, what year?
What category was it submitted in?

(1.4) If yes, did this Project previously win an Asian CSR Award? A project that previously won cannot be entered in again. However, a project that was a runner-up/merit/excellence awardee can be entered again.

 Yes No Others please explain.
Others, please specify:

(2)Project Description

(2.1)What are the Project's measurable objectives?
Why was the Project selected? What social issue(s) does it seek to address
(2.3)How does the Project go about addressing the above social issue(s)?
(2.4)Please briefly describe the Project's implementation, including timeline, key tasks, financial resources, etc.
(2.5)Were there significant roadblocks? What were these and how were they overcome?

3. Results Analysis: Panel members assess the Project based on: (i) the significance of the results or outcomes, (ii) the measurability of these results or outcomes, and (iii) the availability of third party information and testimonials to show the Project’s impact on the beneficiaries.

(3.1) Who are the Project’s target beneficiaries?
(3.2) How many people have benefited from the Project?
(3.3) What were the Project’s short-term and long-term qualitative and quantitative results or outcomes that generated benefits to the target beneficiaries? Please describe the relevance of these results/outcomes.
(3.4) What qualitativeand quantitative measures were used to track the impact of the Project? Are these the most objective measures available? If not, please explain why the objectives were not utilized.
(3.5) In addition to the sponsoring company, who were the other parties responsible for the Project’s results? Please describe their contributions.
(3.6) How did the company benefit from the Project Please describe the nature and magnitude of these benefits. Please provide supporting documents.

4. Other Analysis: Additional information below will help the Selection Committee look more favorably at your entry:

(4.1) Corporate Expertise Analysis: Panel members assess the Project based on its utilization of corporate expertise other than just resources.

(a)Which areas of corporate expertise were applied to the Project?
(b)What was the composition of the teams that planned, implemented and monitored the Project?

(4.2) Replicability and Impact Analysis: Panel members assess the Project based on: (i) its ability to address a larger (social) issue, and (ii) the system-wide solution it proposes as opposed to a stand-alone activity.

(a)What was the social issue that the Project attempted to address? How many people are affected by this social issue?

(4.3) Sustainability Analysis: Panel members assess the Project based on the Project’s sustainability if the sponsoring company leaves the scene.

(a) How will the Project be sustained if your company leaves the scene? Is there a plan to exit the scene? If not, does your company envision

(4.4) Corporate Strategy Analysis: Panel members assess the Project based on how well it is integrated into the company's core strategy.

(a) How does the Project support and reinforce your company's core strategy?
(b) Demonstrate how the Project is integrated into your company's core strategy

(4.5) Other Information: State any other relevant information about the Project that you wish to include.

(5) Supporting documents: (LIST below the supporting documents and materials you are submitting to support the project or program, i.e. brochures, photos, press clippings, etc.)

Doc 5.01::
Doc 5.02::
Doc 5.03::
Doc 5.04::
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Doc 5.06::
Doc 5.07::
Doc 5.08::
Doc 5.09::
Doc 5.10::
Total Numbers of Supporting Documents

Please make sure to list the attachments, DVDs, CD-Roms, published materials, annual reports tapes or other supporting information that you are sending together with the entry, including a more lengthy explanation, if you so wish to add.

We request that you scan and save any materials you are sending us in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or .pdf format on a CD-Rom or DVD. Please select the important pages and sections of any of the supporting materials mentioned above. If your supporting material is a book or an annual report, please scan just the cover, the table of contents and the relevant page your project appears. Same with any commercials or other videos you may wish to submit as supporting material.

Do send us four (4) copies of each CD where your supporting documents are saved or scanned and one set of the original hard copy materials. The four judges of each category will be sent a CD copy each. We keep the hard copies in the Awards secretariat for reference and as verification copies. Please send the copies via courier to the Asian CSR Awards Steering Committee.

The AFCSR Steering Committee
c/o AIM RVR Center
Attention: Ms. Khristine Dizon, Awards Manager
123 Paseo de Roxas, 1260 Makati City, Philippines
Phone: (632) 846-7866, Fax: (632) 752-1208