Asia’s Foremost CONFERENCE and EXPO on Corporate Social Responsibility

Asia’s Foremost CONFERENCE and EXPO on Corporate Social Responsibility

October 18 & 19, 2011 | Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, Philippines

How to Enter

  1. Eligibility

    • Entries must be for projects, programs, or services that were implemented or significantly enhanced in the calendar year of 2010 and from January to June 2011.
    • There should be objective, quantifiable, and verifiable measurements as to the effectiveness of the project.
    • Innovation and sustainability are the key criteria.
    • Participating companies must be headquartered in Asia-Pacific.
    • Companies of non-Asian origin are also eligible as long as they have a major regional presence in Asia.
    • A project that previously won (winner) cannot be entered again. A project that previously won as a runner-up/merit/excellence awardee can be entered again.
    • ONLY entries signed as true and correct by the most senior person in charge of Asian Operations of an overseas multinational or the CEO of Asian companies will be entertained.
  2. Categories

  3. Submission Guidelines

    • Fill up an Entry Form
    • Submit a Project Summary Form together with your entry. The project summary should:
      • Not be more than 2,000 words
      • State the name of the project or program, the category (or categories where the project is being entered) and a short descriptive title
      • Include the objectives of the project, describing what the company hoped to achieve and how it went about the implementation.
      • Indicate the results in measurements that were made in studying the problem or improvement being sought, or any studies conducted or reviews made.
      • Describe how improvement was implemented, when and by whom.
      • Identify what quantitative and/or qualitative results were achieved to date as a result of the project or program.
      • Conclude with a statement regarding the innovation and sustainability of the initiative.
    • AFCSR will share the 2,000 word summaries and relevant aspects of the Entry form submitted – on the AFCSR or related Resource Center website (after the awards ceremonies are conducted)
  4. Supporting Materials

    • All entries (for each category), as an option, can be accompanied by supporting data and documentation. This will be sent to a panel of judges for review.
    • Supporting materials may be, but are not limited to, details and background of the project, how the project was conducted, who participated, before and after analysis if any.
    • Where possible, the judges request for an indication and any information that can be provided with respect to:
      • How the project got started and/or why the company invested in the project.
      • How the project got nurtured and what the motivations were.
      • What the initial difficulties that came about in implementing the project were and where the bottlenecks occurred.
      • The extent to which the project is integrated into the core strategy of the company.


    • Submission of CD-ROMs or videos and audiotapes, press coverage and the like are encouraged, but is not a requirement. Scan and save any materials in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or .pdf format on a CD-ROM.
    • Select the important pages and sections of any of the supporting materials. If the supporting material is a book, or an annual report, just scan the cover, the table of contents and the relevant pages. The same will apply for any commercials or other videos submitted. These should all be in clearly labeled CD-ROMs.
    • Supporting materials MUST be in English or, if they are in another language, a certified translation must be provided.
    • If sending supporting materials, send four (4) copies of each CD where the supporting documents are saved or scanned and send one (1) set of the original hard copy materials. The four judges of each category will be sent a CD copy each.
    • Supporting materials submitted will not be returned. The hard copies will be kept in the Awards Secretariat for reference and as verification copies