This site is about a mom’s adventures raising her chubby cheeked kiddos and also a gallery of some sort showcasing her kiddos’ artworks and talents :)

Most of the artworks here  by Janna were done 100% by her, without any supervision or guidance. We, the parents, just gave her the tools and some inspiration and off she goes to her creative world. She even gives the titles to all her works, all are her own words 😀

So if you feel like commissioning her for her works, give us a call hihihi 😀 Btw, all her works can be used for non-commercial purposes with proper credit to the artist.

So browse through and enjoy the ride! 😀


About the kids:

Born – June 2008
Loves painting, dancing, singing, and modelling


Born – Dec 2011
Loves to breastfeed and sleep 😛