First day of school2

First Day of School

Today is a very busy morning in our household, although school for my little boy started weeks ago, this is the first day of school for our little Primary 1 girl. She is the earliest bird to leave our nest this morning because her school bus’ pick up time is at 7:15 (although her bus […]

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Demo Video – Collector’s Family 10 Game Center

So Janna (Or should I say, “I”) enjoyed her demo video on the Minnie Chocolate toy so I asked her to do another demo video of this new family game toy we got. The Collector’s Family 10 Game Center as the title suggests, is a collection of various board games. We bought this initially for […]

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Janna’s demo video – Opening Minnie Mouse Chocolate Toy

For a few weeks now, Janna and John were so fond of the demo videos that they are seeing in youtube of toys being opened from their packaging and how to use it. So when she got this new toy, she asked me to take her video as she demonstrate how to open and assemble […]

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Kid’s Dental Records

Today, Janna lost yet again her 2nd tooth. It started to move yesterday while we were eating chicken at Jollibee. She must have taken a hard bite and she felt pain, when she showed me, I saw some blood around it. Today, when it finally came off, she told me “I’m not going to eat […]

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The wonders of plastic bag

At 3 days to John’s 4th month, i rediscovered the wonders of a plastic being squashed to make a sound. Fussy john just wouldnt stop crying despite all my best efforts… I’ve nursed him, cradled him and rocked him to sleep, carried him until my arms went limp and made a bunch of my most […]

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All i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth!

John now have his full 2 front teeth, it just looks funny that the gap in between is a bit big… Reminds me of someone ūüėõ His first front tooth came about last month (september), followed by the other one just a few weeks back (october)

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John sits up

Today, 19July2012 1:00pm, is the day that John was able to sit up unassisted. Bones are getting stronger baby and balancing is developed – Hooray! John is now almost 7 months old.

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