The wonders of plastic bag

At 3 days to John’s 4th month, i rediscovered the wonders of a plastic being squashed to make a sound. Fussy john just wouldnt stop crying despite all my best efforts… I’ve nursed him, cradled him and rocked him to sleep, carried him until my arms went limp and made a bunch of my most […]

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YouTube, Google and the Internet as a parenting tool

Ever had that experience when your toddler refuses to believe any facts or knowledge that you try to share with her? I did, often! Let me share my experiences. My daughter loves to draw, and she cut and make lots of artworks, but she wants to do her art in a new, clean sheet of […]

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When Kids get sick

2nd night of sleepless agony as I watch my kids in their painful state of cough, colds and fever. Every 4-6 hours of medication (4 types of syrups and drops each kid), praying they get better each time. Nursing my baby as much as I could while putting vapor rub and wet towel over Ate […]

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