Ever since I was in college, i have grown fond of planting. Back then i remembered planting and successfully fruited calamansi. i also tried planting eggplants and okra and every time they fruit, I felt a sense of fulfillment.

Now, having resided in HK for quite a while, with the limitation in space, it is quite a challenge to have my own garden.

I remembered trying to plant in a container on my first year here, but as expected, a big fail since there is not enough light source from our first flat.

And now in our latest flat of 5 years, I at least have a big window and a good light source, so I tried once again. I called it my hanging garden as all the plants are just hanging by the window.

I started with a chili plant that was given to us by Jason’s colleague. I then started planting tomatoes from seeds.

I was also able to grow mint and basil from grocery produce. I just cut the stems, soaked in water until roots formed then transferred to the soil. I was able to use these for cooking.

I just love planting edible plants ūüėÄ