Random Thoughts

Mommy’s watercolor

It’s been a while now since I have last made a good watercolor artwork. I miss it already, but somehow, I cannot get my self to start creating water color paintings anymore. So I just settle to looking at my old works… see below: All of these were made way back in 2009.

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Creative Itch

For years, I have been searching for what it is that I am made to do. I am not convinced that the course I finished in college is really my calling, I felt that I was just led there because I’ve been trained to do artworks my entire life. It started in my elementary days […]

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Eeky finger job

Motherhood is not complete until you’ve placed your finger inside your kids’s annus to help them with those long, hard and painful poop that won’t come out. I did, for the both of them (-_-,)

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How to keep your calm even in the worst and trying situation?

How to keep my temper at bay most of the time? I honestly don’t know the answer,can someone tell me? I could google it, but i am a bit lazy to do that now. Maybe later…

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Hot Choco In The Morning

Warm Choco in the Morning

It is always nice to wake up to a cup of hot choco in the morning, made and served right at the bed by the cutest, sweetest Ate Janna. This is her way of dragging me out of the bed, so I can join them in the living room. And this happens just, well, every […]

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