Janna Artworks


Janna’s fruit artworks

Art-studio and classes are very active here in HK. There’s on in almost every street or corner. Which probably means that there are a lot of parents, students or art enthusiasts around here and it is evident with the thriving art scene here. Every year, there are at least 2-3 major art exhibits happening. However, for […]

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Exploring a new kind of clay, foam/silk clay

We have encountered a new type of clay material, this one is really really soft, very fluffy, and hardens like a foam after a day or two. I am not sure if this is the clay that they called foam clay or silk clay. But i think it’s texture is perfect for little fingers like […]

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My kid likes snail mail, so she’s sending out Easter cards to friends

Every time I check our mail box with my little girl, she would always say, “Who’s that for?”, “Is there any mail for me?”, “I wish I have my own mail!”. In this day where we live in technology driven world, where everything can be accessed online, via internet, email, or phone; sometimes it is […]

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Art Jam 2014

Finally, we are able to do our art jam with Tita Carol after several postponed weekends due to busy schedules. It was a great experience and our host, Ninang Teen, is very gracious and generous 😀 Love the food trip and the yummy Lechon paksiw dinner prepared by Ninang Teen, yay! All the artist have […]

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I love Mommy T-shirt by Janna

T-shirt design by Janna

Here are some t-shirt designs by Janna, commissioned by a friend… unfortunately, the project did not push through because of other priorities. But during the time Janna was working on these, she was very excited to do a commissioned work. She was looking forward to seeing this printed on a shirt. Maybe I will produce […]

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