Ever since I was in college, i have grown fond of planting. Back then i remembered planting and successfully fruited calamansi. i also tried planting eggplants and okra and every time they fruit, I felt a sense of fulfillment. Now, having resided in HK for quite a while, with the limitation in space, it is […]

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Happy Birthday my Darling husband

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. Here is a video that we made for you. Thanks to all the people who sent their greetings and love! I really appreciate it. Here’s the cake that we made for you.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.18.32 am

Compilation of my painting works

I set up a website to host a compilation of my paintings of different mediums. You may visit it at  

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Mommy’s watercolor

It’s been a while now since I have last made a good watercolor artwork. I miss it already, but somehow, I cannot get my self to start creating water color paintings anymore. So I just settle to looking at my old works… see below: All of these were made way back in 2009.

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Janna’s fruit artworks

Art-studio and classes are very active here in HK. There’s on in almost every street or corner. Which probably means that there are a lot of parents, students or art enthusiasts around here and it is evident with the thriving art scene here. Every year, there are at least 2-3 major art exhibits happening. However, for […]

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Creative Itch

For years, I have been searching for what it is that I am made to do. I am not convinced that the course I finished in college is really my calling, I felt that I was just led there because I’ve been trained to do artworks my entire life. It started in my elementary days […]

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Pop Up Cards

Recently, Janna has been very interested with pop-up cards. That when an opportunity came, her friend’s birthday, she constantly bugged about making one. So, here is what we’ve came up with Instant pop-up card! We did this in under 30mins.   Janna did the coloring to my doodles Front of the card We mailed the […]

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Refreshing Mint Drink

A few months ago, I started gardening. Yes, you read it right, gardening, here in HK. Indoor gardening, in the small confines of my home. I have always loved gardening and growing plants, but my favourite to grow are edible plants. I want to be sustainable even in just little ways as the herbs I […]

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Salmon Glazed with Honey and Soy sauce

Salmon Tail glazed with Honey and Soy

I saw this big frozen salmon tail at Park N Shop while doing my weekly grocery the other day, at that time, I don’t have an idea yet on the dish that I will cook this with. So when yaya got the salmon out of the freezer and asked me what dish we will make […]

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sleeping baby in a basket cake for baby shower

A sleeping baby in a basket baby shower cake

We were recently invited to attend a friend’s baby shower party, and with this, I made a baby shower cake. For this cake, I made a sleeping little baby in a basket. Isn’t she cute with her blushing pink cheeks? Let me know what you think! Here’s the cake in different angles 😀  

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Halloween cupcake toppers

Halloween cupcakes

I belong in a group that we called “Happy Wives Group”, we are all as our group name suggest – happy wives and moms as well. We always try to plan a group activity, playdates or parties for any occasion to keep our little ones and not so little ones busy. So this year, instead […]

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