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Here is a gallery of my doodles

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Janna’s fruit artworks

Art-studio and classes are very active here in HK. There’s on in almost every street or corner. Which probably means that there are a lot of parents, students or art enthusiasts around here and it is evident with the thriving art scene here. Every year, there are at least 2-3 major art exhibits happening. However, for […]

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Pop Up Cards

Recently, Janna has been very interested with pop-up cards. That when an opportunity came, her friend’s birthday, she constantly bugged about making one. So, here is what we’ve came up with Instant pop-up card! We did this in under 30mins.   Janna did the coloring to my doodles Front of the card We mailed the […]

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Refreshing Mint Drink

A few months ago, I started gardening. Yes, you read it right, gardening, here in HK. Indoor gardening, in the small confines of my home. I have always loved gardening and growing plants, but my favourite to grow are edible plants. I want to be sustainable even in just little ways as the herbs I […]

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Salmon Glazed with Honey and Soy sauce

Salmon Tail glazed with Honey and Soy

I saw this big frozen salmon tail at Park N Shop while doing my weekly grocery the other day, at that time, I don’t have an idea yet on the dish that I will cook this with. So when yaya got the salmon out of the freezer and asked me what dish we will make […]

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sleeping baby in a basket cake for baby shower

A sleeping baby in a basket baby shower cake

We were recently invited to attend a friend’s baby shower party, and with this, I made a baby shower cake. For this cake, I made a sleeping little baby in a basket. Isn’t she cute with her blushing pink cheeks? Let me know what you think! Here’s the cake in different angles 😀  

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Halloween cupcake toppers

Halloween cupcakes

I belong in a group that we called “Happy Wives Group”, we are all as our group name suggest – happy wives and moms as well. We always try to plan a group activity, playdates or parties for any occasion to keep our little ones and not so little ones busy. So this year, instead […]

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Double celebrant cake

A friend ordered a cake and asked if we could try to make one cake for two celebrants since they are both celebrating in October. We tried to find something that is representative of each celebrant’s personality. And here’s what we came up with… For one of the celebrants, Pats, we did the Chanel building […]

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Elsa Frozen Themed Cake

Here’s another cake order I made. The theme was based on the movie Frozen. The birthday girl loves Elsa, and so based on their reference designs, this is what I did. The Elsa doll was bought from the Philippines when we had our vacation there.   Olaf was done in fondant. My little helper Janna […]

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Minion cake

Cute Minion Themed Cake

Our friend’s son just recently held his 2nd birthday celebration and his favourite character was the minion from the movie Despicable Me. So, just the night before the birthday celebration, I decided to give him a Minion birthday cake. He was so happy with it that he took out all his minion toys and placed […]

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Baby bootsies baptismal cake

Baby bootsies baptismal cake

Last Sunday, we shared in the celebration of our friend’s son’s baptismal ceremony. We welcome this cute baby boy to the Christian world, and with it, I made a cake for him. A cute little cake as cute and sweet as the baby boy, Marcus. Thanks to our friend Mark & Julia for trusting me […]

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