The wonders of plastic bag

At 3 days to John’s 4th month, i rediscovered the wonders of a plastic being squashed to make a sound. Fussy john just wouldnt stop crying despite all my best efforts… I’ve nursed him, cradled him and rocked him to sleep, carried him until my arms went limp and made a bunch of my most funniest, ugliest and wackiest facial expression possible, but to no avail. He would still cry and scream and fuss (i believe because he’s so uncomfortable with his colds and runny snotty nose). Until i tried to open a new pack of tissue to wipe his snot off, did i noticed that he stopped crying, eyes fixated on the plastic pack i’m trying to open. I didn’t stop crampling the plastic for a good 30 mins for which he seemed mesmerized the whole time. When i noticed he’s lossing his attention, i shifted to other forms of distraction like play peek-a-boo and once again, making wacky faces, and he’s been smiling and happy again.

I remembered when Janna was about around the age of 1 , we would buy her some pricey toys, but in the end, shee would rather play with the plastic packaging (with parental guidance ofcourse, its dangerous to leave your kids with big plastic bags).

She would giggle and scream with excitement at the sound of a crumpling plastic. No wonder, there were toys being sold with plastic bags inside a fabric. It is a proven formula, that kids are just mesmerised by their sound ūüėÄ