Double celebrant cake

A friend ordered a cake and asked if we could try to make one cake for two celebrants since they are both celebrating in October.

We tried to find something that is representative of each celebrant’s personality. And here’s what we came up with…

For one of the celebrants, Pats, we did the Chanel building since he is an architect working for Chanel.



The other one, Wawets, we did a bike in red and black because she loves bicycles.

I made the bicycle using royal icing since it is quite hard to to make a fondant bike that will stand on it’s own unless I use some skeleton wiring/stick for it. But since I do not have much time, I resorted to just using a royal icing.


I made a few pieces as a backup, so those bikes around the cake are the extra pieces. Royal icing needs atleast 24 hours to fully dry and harden, but I did a last minute change and just had about 5 hours only of drying time.

The first piece I did was a bit thick, and it took really quite a long time to dry, and so it breaks quite easily. So I tried to make thin ones instead.