Janna’s fruit artworks

Art-studio and classes are very active here in HK. There’s on in almost every street or corner. Which probably means that there are a lot of parents, students or art enthusiasts around here and it is evident with the thriving art scene here. Every year, there are at least 2-3 major art exhibits happening.

However, for me, the fees for these classes are a bit on the high side. So I figured, why don’t I expose my kid to painting and drawing myself, than to enroll her to these classes. After all, I am a fine arts graduate myself and I have enough background to teach her the basics, and to add to that, her Dad has an awesome sketching and painting hands. Having these in mind, I am pretty confident that I could help my kids hone their artistic talents.

And so one day, I finally decided to try a supervised painting session. Sure Janna has already done a bunch of artworks from the day that she could hold a pencil or a crayon, but those were all on her own. This time, I wanted to try to give her some professional tips and tricks.

We agreed on using an acrylic medium on a canvas board. She saw my pear watercolor painting, and so she decided to try to paint a pear.


My pear watercolor painting done in 2008


The Artist in action


The first of her fruit series… The Pear – Jan 12, 2015


We named this Apple-berry because she said this is an apple shaped like a strawberry


The banana because she loves making banana smoothies – January 28, 2015


The mango, because her favourite dessert is mango float


The watermelon with some adjustments

And here are all her fruit series at our door.