Tai Tam Mound Waterfalls

Yay! Another holiday. The day after Chung Yeung Festival, so the family and friends decided to explore the hidden paradise called Tai Tam Mound waterfalls along the Tai Tam Reservoir trail, Hong Kong.

The weather is perfect! Cloudy, not hot and not even raining. Cool breeze touching our skin as we started our adventure.

We started by taking the bus at Grand Promenade, we took bus #14 going to stanley at around 9:15am

Then we got off at the Tai Tam Reservoir (North) Bus stop. It is just about 12 stops from Grand Promenade. You can also take it from Sai Wan Ho MTR. The bus ride is about 15-20 minutes.



From the bus, hike along the purple dotted line to your destination, the Tai Tam Mound Waterfalls.

When you see the reservoir (this view below), that’s your cue to get off the bus.

Taitam reservoir


Then go back a few steps (to the direction where your bus came from), towards the signage/map to the hiking trail. Just be careful as the road doesn’t have sidewalks.

TaiTam Reservoir Bus stop


Head for this sign post.



Photo by Lavski.


Then go down the trail to the right of the post, the stairs going down. The whole trek to the falls is about 15-20mins depending on your pace and stops (picture taking).

A few steps down and just follow the trail as seen below.

Start of the trail

…and yes, those 2 ladies in front are carrying babies, we have  two- 1 yr old – boys along with us. 



along the trail2

The dirt path trail, don’t you just love the outdoors?

along the trail 3

Oh how I miss hiking! It has been a long time since I last climbed a high mountain (6 or 7 years ago?), although this one is not as high as what we used to climb in the Philippines, the smell and feel of the fresh air breeze and the leaves and trees are enough to satisfy my cravings. Plus I am not sure if my body is fit enough to handle long hours of hiking with super heavy bags 😛

The trail and hike is manageable, as you can see, we have kids and babies with us 😀

along the trail 6

Cemented path and stairs. Good thing it did not rain so the path is not slippery at all.


almost to the waterfalls

The first bridge, here you will see the stream where the water from the falls comes from. You can go to the stream too and you will see a small pool of water ahead just before the falls, you can take a dip there too :)

the source of the waterfalls

top of the falls6

The small pool :)

After the first bridge, just keep on going up the trail until you reach the 2nd bridge. When you hear the water falls, you know you are very near.

hidden path to the falls

This is the 2nd bridge, right after it, there’s a path going down to the falls.

Below, you can see the rocky path down to the base of the falls.

brave janna brave jann2

The path going down, a bit steep and rocky but manageable. Our 5 yr old girl did it :)


where weve been

The path down.

Taitam mound waterfalls

The reward waiting at the end… And we made it to this cute waterfall!


the waterfalls

The water is initially cold but refreshing!

There are a bunch of small fishes. You can haave a free foot spa 😛

Fish Queen

Janna enjoying the fishes swimming around her.

The fishes, about 2-3 inches long. Some are bigger, but they don’t harm.

the fishes4

We had fun feeding the fishes with the snacks/crackers that we brought along.

taitam mound falls


View from the falls.



For a brief time, we had the area all to ourselves. Very serene and relaxing. I wish I had brought a mat and lie down for a bit 😛


You can bring a mat, some snacks and have a picnic there. If you are wearing hiking shoes, it is better to bring a spare pair of slippers because the stones are a bit uncomfortable.


We spent a good 3 hours of fun, swimming and dipping. The kids had so much fun!

We left around 1:30pm.

rock climbing Janna

Climbing back up. Rock climbing :)

climbing back up2

The babies went up ahead, they are faster than us 😛

We went back to the bus stop where we got off and headed to Stanley to grab our lunch :)

at stanley for lunch

At Stanley, satisfied Janna, ready to get her lunch!