Kid’s Dental Records

Today, Janna lost yet again her 2nd tooth. It started to move yesterday while we were eating chicken at Jollibee. She must have taken a hard bite and she felt pain, when she showed me, I saw some blood around it. Today, when it finally came off, she told me “I’m not going to eat that chicken again”. Seemed like she associated her tooth loss to eating chicken at Jollibee :(


Janna’s 2nd tooth to come off

I as a mom has mixed emotions, I am both excited and anxious at what she could be feeling without a tooth, or how she would react if she experiences how her peers will react to how she looks without a few set of teeth.


Both her teeth fell off on their own. I remember when I was young, and one of my tooth is already starting to move, but wouldn’t fall off after quite sometime, my parents would tie a string around it and would instantly – without a warning – pull it out with all their might in one swift action. Then they would reward me with an ice cream afterwards.

Oh, those were the days. 

I am not sure if Janna will eventually experience that from me in the future with her other teeth, but for now, I am glad that she wouldn’t have to, yet.

The first time she lost her tooth, I did the tooth fairy’s task of leaving a coin ($5) under her pillow. She was so excited and she treated the coin as one precious lucky thing, ever so careful that it would not mix with her other coins and she tries bring it with her anywhere she goes inside the house.

Janna's 1st tooth loss

Janna’s 1st tooth loss

She actually calls it her “lucky coin”.

I might do that again tonight, maybe i’ll place $10 this time.

I’ve kept her 1st tooth, and now, I wanted to keep track and put up her dental records in place. So I made this Dental Records chart where I list the date when it was shed off, and when it started coming out again.

I saw the dental image on the internet, and I just placed boxes there for the dates.

I just hope I can  maintain this and keep track of each of her tooth.



And here is the record I made for Janna, I attached her teeth in there too.



Her first tooth was replaced right away, just 5 days after it fell off, a new one came out, however, it looks like it was facing the wrong direction. Need to visit a dentist soon!


New tooth coming out