Janna’s demo video – Opening Minnie Mouse Chocolate Toy

For a few weeks now, Janna and John were so fond of the demo videos that they are seeing in youtube of toys being opened from their packaging and how to use it.
So when she got this new toy, she asked me to take her video as she demonstrate how to open and assemble it.

Take note, there are no prior instructions from me or her dad. As soon as we got home from the store, she insisted we take the video already, and so I grabbed my phone, and took her video.

I was surprised at how detailed she is at some point. I think this is a good practice of her vocabulary and speech skills. I might have her do this every time she opens a new toy 😛

Here’s the video, forgive the dizzying camera movement because mommy is busy munching on the chocolates 😛 Enjoy!