Demo Video – Collector’s Family 10 Game Center

So Janna (Or should I say, “I”) enjoyed her demo video on the Minnie Chocolate toy so I asked her to do another demo video of this new family game toy we got.
The Collector’s Family 10 Game Center as the title suggests, is a collection of various board games. We bought this initially for the Chess game, so the other games are just a bonus.

It is quite hard to find here an inexpensive Chess game. We’ve tried various branches of Toys R Us and other toy stores, and all they have is the one with the glass pieces.

Until yesterday, we passed by the Toys R’ Us branch in central and found this, so without second thoughts, we bought it.

We are starting, as a family, to get fond of board and card games. Our nightly game of recent is the UNO cards, angry birds edition, and Janna is loving it, even beating both hubby and I most of the time.
She is a good strategist I must say ūüėÄ

The other game we have is the domino and snakes and ladder, but UNO is the winner at the moment. So hubby wanted her to learn something new, and this time, it’s the game of Chess.

So we played it last night and though her the rules, and I must say she grasp it pretty quickly.

Here’s her demo. Pardon dizzying camera movement, John is competing for my attention. Enjoy!