Flowers from Daddy

Valentine’s Day, 2014

Let me start this post by greeting you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you spent the day full of love with your special ones, be it a family member, your partner, husband or friends.

This day started really great for me. Although I woke up and started my day late, I woke up to a surprise. Usually, on a weekday, whenever I wake up at 10am, hubby would already be in his office. Today, i did not get my 9am goodbye kiss from him, instead, I found him waiting for me to have a Valentine’s day breakfast with him. He took a leave of absence and decided not to tell me.

I think it’s so sweet that he took a day off to spend this day with me, even though we stayed in the house the whole morning.

Also, we both got a sweet Vday card from our dear sweet and thoughtful little princess – Janna. She wanted this card to be a surprise, working on it secretly the night before. The pink one is for me, while the white one is for her Daddy.

Folding Cards made by Janna for her Daddy and me!

Folding Cards made by Janna for her Daddy and me!


It was a folding card, inside, she drew our memories together, of eating ice cream,  picking her up from school, and basically just sharing our love and being together :)

Inside Janna's Card

Inside Janna’s Card

And so while she was at school, I made a last minute pop-up card surprise for her (I know, Mommy is not as thoughtful as her little girl for having a last minute effort :P).

Mommy's Card For Janna

Mommy’s Card For Janna


The cover of the card, I made while we were on the bus on the way to Janna’s school to pick her up.

Mommy's Valentine's day card for Janna

Mommy’s Valentine’s day card for Janna


While at janna’s school, we came across a friend who told us she and her son is going to a flowershop because her son wants to buy roses for her. Hubby quickly turned after them with Janna and grabbed the chance to buy me some roses too.

Flowers from Daddy

Flowers from Daddy, 3 roses for me :)


5 days later, here are the flowers in full bloom.  They look really wonderful!

The Flowers in full bloom

The Flowers in full bloom