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The finished product - To have and To hold Cake

Banana Bridal Shower Cake

My most recent creation, a banana bridal shower cake for a friend. Warning, naughty images up ahead ūüėõ        

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Princes Aurora Sleeping Beauty Cake

Princess Aurora Cake

Allison’s birthday is coming up, she is one of Janna’s friend here in HK and Janna wanted to make her friend a cake for her birthday. So she requested that I make a Princess Aurora Cake as her gift to her friend because she knew that Sleeping beauty is Allison’s favourite princess character. So, with […]

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princess topper cupcakes

Princess cupcake

Here’s a set of cupcake with fondant toppers for a princess themed cupcakes. This was an order for the daughter of our friend on her 7th birthday.

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Rio themed cake

Planning a kid’s birthday party

Planning a kid’s birthday party is a very tedious task. My daughter just recently held her 6th birthday party, I, ¬†together with the help from my mom,¬†our yaya, and hubby, ¬†did all the planning, cooking, baking, decoration, games and what not that is needed to make a children’s party an exciting one. I will share […]

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Barbie Cake

A fellow mom from Janna’s class ordered a barbie cake for her daughter’s bday, and since this is the first time I am making this type of cake design, I first did a practice cake before the actual one. For the practice cake, I used my daughter’s original Barbie doll which is bigger than the […]

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Minion cake

Minion cake and cupcakes set

A friend of mine recently ordered a set of cake and cupcakes for her son’s birthday party with the theme “Minions” from the movie despicable me. Baking here in HK is a challenge as the ingredients are quite expensive and hard to find, not to mention that the space is a tinnie tiny bit of […]

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My kid likes snail mail, so she’s sending out Easter cards to friends

Every time I check our mail box with my little girl, she would always say, “Who’s that for?”, “Is there any mail for me?”, “I wish I have my own mail!”. In this day where we live in technology driven world, where everything can be accessed online, via internet, email, or phone; sometimes it is […]

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Art Jam 2014

Finally, we are able to do our art jam with Tita Carol after several postponed weekends due to busy schedules. It was a great experience and our host, Ninang Teen, is very gracious and generous ūüėÄ Love the food trip and the yummy Lechon paksiw dinner prepared by Ninang Teen, yay! All the artist have […]

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Hot Choco In The Morning

Warm Choco in the Morning

It is always nice to wake up to a cup of hot choco in the morning, made and served right at the bed by the cutest, sweetest Ate Janna. This is her way of dragging me out of the bed, so I can join them in the living room. And this happens just, well, every […]

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I love Mommy T-shirt by Janna

T-shirt design by Janna

Here are some t-shirt designs by Janna, commissioned by a friend‚Ķ unfortunately, the project did not push through because of other priorities. But during the time Janna was working on these, she was very excited to do a commissioned work. She was looking forward to seeing this printed on a shirt. Maybe I will produce […]

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Flowers from Daddy

Valentine’s Day, 2014

Let me start this post by greeting you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you spent the day full of love with your special ones, be it a family member, your partner, husband or friends. This day started really great for me. Although I woke up and started my day late, I woke up […]

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