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Barbie Cake

A fellow mom from Janna’s class ordered a barbie cake for her daughter’s bday, and since this is the first time I am making this type of cake design, I first did a practice cake before the actual one. For the practice cake, I used my daughter’s original Barbie doll which is bigger than the […]

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Minion cake

Minion cake and cupcakes set

A friend of mine recently ordered a set of cake and cupcakes for her son’s birthday party with the theme “Minions” from the movie despicable me. Baking here in HK is a challenge as the ingredients are quite expensive and hard to find, not to mention that the space is a tinnie tiny bit of […]

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It's a boy! Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

Here’s a baby shower fondant cake I made for a friend.

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more cupcake and frosting practice

Cupcake Creations, a gallery of some sort.

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Daddy's Birthday Cake

A gallery of some sort of my cake baking creations!

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Calamansi Muffins using Squeeze-C Calamansi Concentrate

For months now (or years), I’ve been meaning to bake a muffin or cupcake with our calamansi concentrate as the main flavoring, so I tried to search the web for a Calamansi muffin recipe, and the most search engine result was that of the Famous Real Coffee Boracay Muffins recipe from So with my little chef (Janna), […]

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Darth Vader cupcake

I just had another cupcake order for a friend’s birthday. The design request was starwars Darth Vader. So with this, i decided to use a different medium. This is the first time that I dabbled on a fondant. I just got my pre-made fondant from a cake store in Wanchai called I Love Cake. At […]

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Luau Themed cake and cupcakes

I was again commissioned to do a set of cupcake and this time, with an additional order of a cake! This is my 2nd big order of cupcakes and my first attempt on a cake! The theme was a Hawaian Luau Party. So here’s the idea – A two layered cake, with green grass, blue […]

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My very first order of cupcakes, and the biggest order yet at 100pcs. View more of this from our other blog post under cooking and baking category.

Aaliyah’s Cupcakes

So this is my very first order of cupcakes, and my biggest so far, at 100 pcs. The base is dalandan flavour, and the frosting is buttercream. But I did not make the frosting, the client – Apple, Aaliyah’s mom – got the frosting from a cake shop in Central, they already have 2 colours, […]

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